McFly performing lies... at the olympic handover

Friday, March 27, 2009

In lurve with words

Soz buddies... Soz for not updating as promised and soz i just didn't have the inspiration to write..

Hmmm well life is as usual, day by day flashing right before our very eyes.....

Missing all my family and friends tremendously and gosh i so need to get a grip on things.

I've recently been driving around in Aussie land and the experience is definately something. It is so different compared to in Malaysia because well to state the obvious, THE EFFING TRAFFIC!!

I'm not in the mood to go into this long ramble about the traffic here and Malaysia now but i would like to tell you about this book i just read... It's awesome!! 'The Book Thief' by Maukus Zusak... The book has been out for a while now and i've been wanting to get my hands on it for god knows how long and finally i got it last Saturday...

If you haven't read it and you are looking for a good read go grab one from the store. It will be so worth your money and time... In my opinion i reckon the book was superbly well-written and he has a different style in his writings which i find very intriugingly interesting.. I just couldn't put the book down and when i read it i was just sucked in the book thief's world and i'm gonna read it over and over again for sure..

Apart from that, nothing intersting is going on other than classes and reading.. I have to read quite a few literature books for my course and i so gotta speed read to be able to finish all the books in time... GOSH.... i need a literature dictionary too.. So need to get my hands on one of those.. And i need to find a poetry book.. GOSH i can't find it.. Weird.. it is needed for my course and the bookshop is not even selling it.. How dumb is that???

Anyway, SHEN i miss you buddy.. You know what Sar ee said that day?? She asked me 'so you are not going to see Rox again before she leaves for UK?' And i was like 'no.' Gosh i never really thought about that fact till she said it out loud. I can't believe i will be missing your 21st bday and i can't believe i won't be waving you goodbye at the airport gates..GARN!!!

We should have had an early bday celebration for you and an early goodbye party kinda thingy man.. We should have done it when i was in Malaysia!!! So how long till i can see you again buddy??? Till then will things be different?? Mmmmm

Anyway i got to get back to my books now.. Daisy Miller is awaiting my return into her world.. Toodles..


Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm Mcbugged and in lurve....

I'm still flushed from this afternoon. I'm in complete bliss and utter speechlessness. OMG where do i start???

So i finally got to see the most awesome ppl in the world... MCFLY... I can't actually believe i saw them omg and i was standing right in front of the effing stage. That's so so cool... I got squashed up by the massive amounts of ppl who were constantly pushing me from behind and i was sandwiched between ppl and the steel barrier.. But oh well it was so totally worth it...

When they came onto the stage i thought i was going to have a heart attack and just pass out.. I was asking Laura to pinch me hahahaha coz it was so surreal...

Dougie was so so cute.. He greeted the crowd and he said,

'hie we are from England. We are English. Do you speak English?'

And the whole crowd just screamed YESSSSSS!!!! haha and he did this magic trick for us to see . He was like count 1-5 and look over here *pointing to his bass*

And v shouted one to five and his bass lighted up hahahaha so cute... And danny was awesome too.. They were singing the song Star Girl and there is this sentence in there which says 'so wouldn't you like to come with me' and he was like literraly asking the audience 'do ya wanna come with me? yeah?' omg so funny he literally stopped singing and asked hahaha coolness...

Sigh i think i wont be able to stop talking about mcfly ever so yeah.. If i were to say everything i feel now i think this will be an extremely long post and people might just die reading it..

Anyway after the 30 minutes of singing and getting squashed and yelling we went for the signing session. OMG i almost died waiting in line there coz people were pushing and cramming and its just so crowded man.. it was so obscene...

So anyway i got my radio:active cd signed YAY ME!!!! and Danny high-fived me awesome shits... i was so speechless i couldnt talk seriously... i just stared and smiled.. But i talked to Harry and Tom.. OMG i can't believe i actually made conversation with Mcfly.. They are so so friendly its cool... Dougie was so shy... hmmmmm no photos allowed in the signing area though.. Sadness but oh well who cares i'm never washing my right hand ever.... bahahahah im still in a daze... and oh they are who they i expected them to be.. coz ive always seen them on the television and stuff and not in person...

So when i saw them in person, they didn't let me down at all.. They are original and perfect lol... anyway toodles..

Oh before that, BUDDY i missed you today.. i really really hoped you were standing there with me going totally and utterly insane and just scream.. Buddy it would have been more fun if u were there.. I know it... Anyway i missed u... sobs sobs.. i so wanna share that moment with u sighz.. Lurve u to bits and promise we will go to the next mcfly real concert together okayz?? v will buy the most expensive ticket and stand right up front hahaha be the vvip lol...


Friday, February 27, 2009

My muse...

Sup' peeps...

I totally drove in aussie lol... Drove my aunts car the day before yesterday.. It was awesome... It is ntg like driving in jammed up Msia... Although the roads here are a bit confusing. Not like direction or road streets confusing, just the way they drive here.

You have to adhere to the speed limits.. one stretch might be like 60kmh and suddenly u c a sign that says 70 then as u go along it will go back to maybe 50 then go back up to 70. Gosh it is so tiring trying to maintain that speed limit when in front of you there are no cars at all. hmmmm Oh well but it was fun.. Way more fun than driving in Msia..

So, anyway i'm so glad i found my muse... i hope it stays with me forever =)

Random, y do ppl like to blog? Y do ppl wanna expose their personal life for the whole virtual world to see? I was chatting to one of my fren that day and he said he read heaps of blogs about people bitching bout other ppl and backstabbing and stuff.. ooo drama, but why are there ppl who are so insensitive towards other people's feelings? That i will never understand.

Anyway my fren was telling me not to blog because its bad.. Your personal life will be exposed and he just hates the idea of blogging.

Amazingly yesterday he told me he is going to set up a blog.. WTF... haha anyway he said he found his muse too and bride wars got him into the whole blogging scene... Lol im confused..

oh well ignore all of that.. this is by far my crappiest post ever lol.. I'm just too tired to think of what to write... im again suffering from writers block....


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Richmond Family Day


Today of all days was so bloody hot.. I mean seriously i was burnt.

I went to the Richmond Family Day today at Jells Park. It was a nice huge park with a lake and everything and heaps of big low shady trees.

Anyway i went there with my cousin to get autographs from the Richmond Footy members. So we arrived at about eleven-ish and we walked about, getting autographs and we would have taken pictures but guess what?? We didn't bring our cameras. JOY!!!

Then Laura got hungry and so we queued up for food. And the line was unbelievably long. It was so long that we waited in line under the scorching sun for an hour. The line was barely even moving. We were so burnt and hot to the point where we felt like puking. One food stall, three or four long lines and still the line was so bloody damn long.

After an hour of torture and waiting under the sun, we finally bought our food and we went to sit under a nice shady tree. It was lovely. It was shady and there was a mild wind. It was fantastic and kinda peaceful too actually.

Oh well, that was basically my day.. On the way back we bought nasi lemak. It's plain nasi lemak which costs 5 dollars per pack. There is no chicken or anything just egg, heaps of anchovies and peanuts and off course sambal and rice. You could easily have gotten that for what 50 cents in Malaysia.

Anyway, hmmm i need my muse to give me some inspiration to write...


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Smtg totally random i got of my buddy's blog

It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people.
Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name: Brenda

2. A four Letter Word: Bold / (BABI)

3. A boy's Name: Brayden

4. A girl's Name: Bridget

5. An occupation: Builder?? (blimey is dat even an occupation?)

6. A color: Blue

7. Something you'll wear: Blouse

8. A food: Bread

9. Something found in the bathroom: Body Scrub?

10. A place: Barbados

11. A reason for being late: Bullied by my brother

12. Something you'd shout: BLOODY HELL

13. A movie title: Back to the Future

14. Something you drink: Baileys

15. A musical group: Beatles?

16. An animal: Bat?

17. A street name: Bollocks street

18. A type of car: Beetle

19. The title of a song: Bubble wrap

Lol toodles!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Miserable Cramps...

WHY do i get this tummy cramps oh so frequently... And it especially hurts so miserably terrible every month.. Sobz Sobz... I think i am gonna become addicted to pain killers soon... Even panadol is not strong enough for muah.. Hmmmm why oh why...

Anyway today i went road tripping with my aunt. We sent my uncle to the airport in the morning as he had to go to NZ for work, so after the airport my aunt suggested to pluck nashi pears at this town called Bacchus Marsh... Awesome.. it was an hours drive from the airport to the place.

So my aunt drove and i was happily taking in the sights along with all the little nice peaceful towns... It was beautiful..

Eventually we arrived, turned into the orchard and guess what?? We couldn't effing find the place. It's gone.. It's clear.. Only a few rows of vegetables seen and the rest of the land looks like it had just been ploughed. UNBELIEVABLE.. We were both in the state of utter shock.

So we turned back and headed to Footscray for lunch. Had awesome Vietnamese food. The roast pork was scrumptious.

So yeah thats basically my day.. lol and now i'm having tummy cramps sighz...

OH... almost forgot.. i got tickets to c McFly *swoon* and Taylor Swift... gosh how awesome... McFly im coming....

Hmmm in dilemma... Should i tie the thingy around my head and look like a complete nutter and boho just for Dougie???? lol the things i would get myself into just for McFly... UNBELIEVABLE...

Anyway gtg now... toodles


Sunday, February 15, 2009


YAY.... Tigers won Freemantle in the NAB cup match... Awesome...

The scores were really close though.. Laura was practically crouching on the ground waiting for the final siren to go and Tigers winning. LOL

Anyway happy Valentines day to all that i absolutely lurve so dearly.... I feel so blessed to have so many loved ones by my side and in my mind and heart everyday.... Love is free so why not spread it around with sincerity more???

I've been feeling so weird lately.. not sure why... It's as if i fear the days to come because it is so unexpected and tough. A little assurance that what's to come would be alryte would be lovely.

hmm okok enough brooding... i feel depressed seeing myself depressed...

Happy thoughts.... MCFLY... i so need to see them.. It's not a want it's a NEED... *DESPERATION ATTACK*

OK totally random thoughts here... Anyway i gtg now... toodles..

Ciaoz... lurve bren

Friday, February 13, 2009

Dingle Berry

Ok firstly, let me explain the title of this post. DINGLE BERRY.

1) No i didn't make it up and the word does exist in the dictionary.

2) No it is not an exotic fruit and it is not edible.

3) I used it under the influence of Mr Poynter (McFly) who firstly used it as his blog title.

4) As you can tell how much influence McFly has over me i am now obsessed with this word.

So, i actually googled dingle berry to see what does it really mean just in case if anyone were to ask me i will have an answer to tell instead or going 'ERRRR, Hmmmm, i don't know go figure.'

Anyway i googled it and guess what i found... OMG shocking images and so i hurriedly clicked on the online dictionary to read it's defination.

Slang. a small clot of dung, as clinging to the hindquarters of an animal.
An incompetent, foolish, or stupid person.

OMG when i read it i just stared for a while, came to my senses, laughed and thought 'sigh, that is just so Dougie.'

My thoughts exactly... Does he actually uses this word for real??? hahahaha oh he is so hillarious..

Anyway, once again just to state the obvious, i miss home.....

OK gotta run now to finish up smtg... toodles...

Ciaoz.. heaps of lurve

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moved out finally

ok this is weird... the webpage shrunk.. for real... the fonts and all the images shrunk its like i have to squint my eyes to look for stuff... this is so surreal.. or maybe im going mental.. m i??

Anyway i so wanna go home... depression finally hits me after two long years.. wonder y??

Today i gave up the keys to my rented house and cleaning the mess was just so tiring. The whole house was just disgusting to look at and the worst part is all the furnitures were not even put back in order because i alone can't move it upstairs from the garage.

Sighz... wonder what Donna (my agent) will say after she inspects the house for the final time after i moved out.

Anyway i realised that the reason why im missing home more compared to the past two years is because living with aunts and their families makes me miss my own family even more. Living with frens is so different from living with relatives. I guess because with friends, everyone is in the same boat and stuff so i don't feel it that much. But ever since i came back to Aussieland i'm starting to miss home more and more... Can i just cry an ocean full of tears???

And also i reckon it is because i don't have my own space now because i'm bunking in my aunts place. It's awesome to be able to save rent and to have home cooked meals and to have family around but somehow its just not the same. I guess i am one who likes to have my own space and my things around me and also i don't like beaing a trouble to people around me. Plus i have like heaps of stuff sigh.. I so gotta break the habit of collecting stuff and buying more books and start throwing stuff away... i need HOME where i can put my stuff hmmm...

Speaking of which, i donated like heaps of my stuff which i don't really need to charity lol.. i feel so happy for that that i couldn't stop donating lol... aren't i just so helpful???

Anyway im feeling so stressed out that my ex house is in a big disgusting mess. I so need to clean it and put back furniture from the garage before handing over the key but i can't move anything.. Everything is just too heavy like beds n tables n stuff.. Big furniture.. sighz.. what can i do?? NOTHING... i handed over the key with the whole house in a big disgusting mess with furniture and everything out of the place.. i feel so embarassed even to talk to the agent. What can i do?? HELP...

Anyway just heard my cousins coming in.. toodles...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OMG MCFLY *swoon*

OMG i just realised my blog can be compared to the astral plane. my very own in between world lol...

Anyway chinese new year was awesome.. had so much fun in Malaysia and believe it a not i actually miss it.. Hmm ok well the ppl there more likely..

Collected like heaps of ang paos... and well gambled too, stuffed myself full of cookies and FOOD... *feel so bloated even thinking about it*

No pics will be uploaded now but then soon yeah coz im not using my laptop at the moment.

Anyway, back in Aussie land alrd and i landed to an extremely depressing news about the bush fires. The weather was too hot here for the past two weeks i think that there was a bush fire and like more than 500 houses were completely burnt to the ground and almost 200 ppl died in the fire. And what's worst, the survivors have no where to go and ntg left. Gosh its so so depressing... Its like im living in a war zone country.

All over the newspapers and television you can see houses burnt down, plants all black and fires scorching its surroundings. You can even escape the fires or evacuate fast enough. The fires are too fast and big n strong.

Oh well enough of depressing stories.. Would you like to donate to the bushfire victims??? your help is very much appriciated...

And Roxy if u r reading this, those ppl need the donations more than you do... u can like use yur allowance n fly over here right now... so v can train to sydney, watch n train back.. v can sleep on the train n stuff...

hmmmmm.... Ok ive lost all inspiration to blog... will continue tomorrow aye???

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 alrd??? wow din c that comin

Wow another amazingly fast year just flew by.... And what have i achieved???? hmm lemme c.... nuthin???? just another year older.... the big 21....

I counteddown and welcomed the New Years wit my cousins and aunts at their place and we managed to c all the fireworks in the city from the balcony of their house.... cool eh????? and we drank champagne and sung singstar, laughed, skulled, drank more alcohol and trust me the adults were all prettty much drunk.. They were boogie-ing the morning away dancing and singing.

Due to the time difference between Msia and Melbourne is three hours so obviously i welcomed the New Year first and i was calling everyone in msia and the freggin line was seriously congested. GOSH.. the irony of it all... the line was so so congested that i only managed to get through after an hour of dialling.

Funny thing is i never yet figured out my new years resolution yet... Apart from the obvious of getting a job and write more... But i would love a grand piano... =) and my wish for the New Year is....... *drum roll*

You can never have just one new years resolution can you... Throughout the year the resolutions just keeps adding on and changing with the times.. So this year, i will not have a definate new years resolution.. I'm choosing to go with the flow and keep an open mind to anything that comes my way...
Anyway i'm currently experiencing writers block and i believe i will have to stop here and continue another time... So happy new year to all and may you all have a blessed and even better year than the ones before.
Cheers mate..