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Sunday, July 29, 2007

One super satisfyingly delicious good meal !!!!!!!!

I've missed my blog so much thanks to the dumb internet connection.. Its so so slow and i cant upload pictures so yeah basically it took me a long long time to upload these pictures hehe... And well a post without pictures is not dat interesting.

Anyway these are the pictures of food taken from Julia's bday dinner. Well, not only Julia but uncle Aaron as well. My aunt and her family took me out to celebrate her husband's and daughter's bday at an Italian restaurant and the food there is super good. Well, i only remembered my camera after the third meal came so i din get the chance to snap a picture of the pizza (which was by the way absolutely mouth-watering) and the prawns (which was also superbly awesome).

Apart from that we had the lamb shank cooked in errr lets see i think it was white wine coz the red wine one was not available. And the lamb was so tender its like eating soft chicken. And the sauce is yummy hehe...
There we are a picture of the lamb shank. Isn't it just mouth watering??? Ok, next up is the callimarri which was good as well

It comes with tartar sauce as well.. hehe.... next is Mr. linguini marinara.... hehe its so so so so nice that i cant even describe it.... the pasta is just filled with loads and loads of seafood and my aunty was stuffing me with all the seafood on the plate hehe...Behold... the unveiling of the marinara
TADA!!!!!! How awesome is dat.... Ok anyway my uncle had rib eye which according to him was fantastic. I can't eat it off course as it is beef but then again at least he enjoyed it hehe... The pic doesn't look as good as the previous ones as i took it from across the table and i took it from between the pizza stand while he was eating it..

Can u see the two silver thingy there??? its the pizza stand hehe... So dat was our mains and then we ordered desert. we ordered three flavours of gelato and some sticky cake or pudding im not too sure but its nice..

Isn't the presentation of the food on the plate just awesome??? Anyway the bill was reasonable and the food was not too bad either. We were all so full that everyone except the driver was practically asleep on the way home.... So we didn't get the chance to cut the bailey's cake and sing bday song for the two bday ppl like we planned to.

But we cut the cake early in the morning instead rite b4 the two parents headed for tai chi and sarah headed for tuition so only julia and me was left to enjoy the cake... which was awesomely tasty as well....

So there we are... the cake in the box untouched as seen above...

Then we have the cake still in the box but with a candle hehe

Then there is the two bday ppl cutting the cake (father and daughter)

Then finally there is the cut cake.... isn't it nice???
Below is julia showing off her bday prezzie from her frens dad.... Its so nice of her frens dad.. He drew it himself isnt it awesome? It spells her name...