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Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 alrd??? wow din c that comin

Wow another amazingly fast year just flew by.... And what have i achieved???? hmm lemme c.... nuthin???? just another year older.... the big 21....

I counteddown and welcomed the New Years wit my cousins and aunts at their place and we managed to c all the fireworks in the city from the balcony of their house.... cool eh????? and we drank champagne and sung singstar, laughed, skulled, drank more alcohol and trust me the adults were all prettty much drunk.. They were boogie-ing the morning away dancing and singing.

Due to the time difference between Msia and Melbourne is three hours so obviously i welcomed the New Year first and i was calling everyone in msia and the freggin line was seriously congested. GOSH.. the irony of it all... the line was so so congested that i only managed to get through after an hour of dialling.

Funny thing is i never yet figured out my new years resolution yet... Apart from the obvious of getting a job and write more... But i would love a grand piano... =) and my wish for the New Year is....... *drum roll*

You can never have just one new years resolution can you... Throughout the year the resolutions just keeps adding on and changing with the times.. So this year, i will not have a definate new years resolution.. I'm choosing to go with the flow and keep an open mind to anything that comes my way...
Anyway i'm currently experiencing writers block and i believe i will have to stop here and continue another time... So happy new year to all and may you all have a blessed and even better year than the ones before.
Cheers mate..