McFly performing lies... at the olympic handover

Thursday, September 25, 2008



Okay, firstly i don't have a fetish for skins whatsoever and secondly, the skins i'm talking about here is not our normal everyday skin u see on our body...

*drum roll* it's actually SKINS the series yeah! *woot woot*

Well it's not really a new series as it alrd has like two seasons out. It is a British series with oh so very cute blokes, hillarious scenes which will make you tear, drama, passion, thrills, boost and pills, hmm and what else??

Off course the oh so very awesome English accent which i absolutely love....

So whats not to like yeah?? Well this series may contain extreme foul language and obscenity and well basically it's a series which portrays youths. But, even with the extreme use of foul language plus their accent combined, it just sounds so perfect and natural.

Maybe its just me not used to movies being so exposed and free, as in Malaysia everything is censored and cut and so mediated.

So anyway, unlike any other series, Skins episodes focuses on a different character in every episode, but like any other series or movies, there is a main character off course; Tony Stonem played by Nicholas Hoult. The hot one....

His skin is like porcelain.. I mean seriously.... He should be Edward Cullen in the upcoming movie Twilight; which is from a novel by Stephenie Meyer... I reckon he is way more suitable for the role of Edward Cullen than Robert Pattinson yeah??? Nic is everything the book described Edward Cullen to be... He should totally play Edward Cullen...

My cousin Roxanne was telling me the other day, 'Tony is so hot i think i will just believe everything he tells me even if it is a lie.' In the movie, he is portrayed to be the smart hot guy who gals just love. He has a girlfriend (Michelle) who he takes for granted by sleeping around with other gals but at the end of season one he finally realises that Michelle is the one for him. And then he got hit by a truck.... wat a way to end.. seriously!!!

Another hawttie is Maxxie Oliver played by Mitch Hewer. Howver, in the series he is portrated to be a gay dude. His best friend is Anwar a Muslim who prays five times a day, but still sins.. haha.. Hot gay dude...

Below is a picture of both Tony and Maxxie.... Hawt arent they? Well hopefully they arent gay like the tabloid says they are...

Anyway go check out the series... It's awesome..... I reckon after you watch the series you will definately start using swear words like them... Even if u don't say it out loud, i bet it will still be in your mind somewhere.... When i watched it i was so addicted to what Cassie says. Everytime someone tells her something, her reaction is 'Oh Wow, thats awesome / terrific'... And the way she says it, plus her expression is just classic Cassie.


Sunday, September 21, 2008


I know Merdeka is like way over and its kinda late to have a post called Merdeka, but oh well. Just some random pictures taken on Merdeka's eve countdown. A bunch of friends and i celebrated the Malaysian National day here down under and it was definately a blast.

Come to think of it, i never really celebrated Merdeka when i'm in Malaysia. Strange huh?? I don't consider myself to be a very patriotic citizen as i don't really fill my house or car with mini flags, and i always think to myself 'why would anyone wanna stick heaps of mini flags all around their car? one or two is fine, but heaps?? its just hideos..' Whats more?? In newspapers, you see pictures of cars full of flags and beside the car is its owner beaming with pride and joy like he just made a historical acomplishment.

I mean come on, how does this front page news benefit the public? It's not a real need to know story and it should be put in the feautres page or something. So many other world terrors and issues are going on all around us which should be major news. I might sound harsh towards my birth country but the fact is newspapers in Malaysia is getting more and more commercialized and mediated that the information published is no longer accurate, true and just.

We no longer get to read different views and come to our own conclusions, but we are forced to agree with what the media says. Where are our public's right to free thinking? Why are the journalists plea for freedom of speech hushed by the government?

As multicultural as Malaysia is, every single race and culture in Malaysia should be treated fairly and adequately. I reckon every citizen should have their own rights and thoughts and not be puppets who are being stringed around by the government. The media's job is to speak on behalf of the public and that is what they should do instead of telling the public what to think. Governmental control is the issue here i reckon.

Anyway, sorry for my unstopable rant, but i am just troubled by the Malaysian government, as well as all the horrible unfortunate events happening all around the world. Like the Pakistan hotel bombing. That is just so sad.

Below though are some pictures to cheer you up =) hopefully... haha

My Besties


King and Queen's bday bash

A huge majority of my frens have alrd turned 21.... How fast time flies huh...

A few years back you were just a lil kid trying to solve simple math problems and now here we stand... Adults in a flash....

Just makes you start to wonder what have u accomplished in life so far...How many ppl you've touched... how many you love and care for deeply... Then you start to think of all the horrors in the world like terrorism, natural disasters and personal tragedies, glad that u are not apart of them... But you still feel sad for the victims...

How very srtange life is... never fair and easy.. Always twisting and winding down a never ending road. That's wat makes like so interesting i reckon... sometimes life gets so tough u just want to give up and just let it slip...

Just remember though that u only get to live life once so make the most out of it... have a lil fun, b spontaneous and carefree.. life is just too short to miss out on all the good things you fail to see right in front of u....

Anyway this are pics from my frens bday bash.... Four b'days in one.... plus a whole afternoon and night of never ending fun and games... it was just a blast... nv had so much fun in parties in a long long time...


The Frisbee was stuck on the roof...

Triple Choc temptation and triple choc cheesecake...

Wedding cake eating picture... =p

Sunday, September 7, 2008


McFly.... u guys are just so unbelievably awesome!!!!!! I've been listening to the new McFly album for a few days now nonstop - even when im asleep, their songs are still playing. It has been on repeat on my media player. It is their first album done independently without any manager or producer's help. They are currently not under any record label or company. They broke free and now they are all each other has. Anyhow, their new album produces some amazing sounds. It just sounds so good. Danny and Tom..... I lurve lurve lurve your voice!!!!! They have been growing over the last four years and they are just getting better and hotter.... Have a try and listen to McFly..... Trust me, they are awesome... Plus they are so cute... Cute British boyband plus awesome tunes..... Whats not to like??? They are cute and funny with an entertaining and colourful personality. By the way, that is their latest album up there... In case you were wondering.... They are just so hillarious in person. Anyway i just came to rant about my McFly love...... XOXO

I'm sick... GARN... i cant stop coughing and i lost my voice =( Anyway gtg now... ciaoz

Saturday, September 6, 2008

To All the loved ones we lost

Wee, this is for yur uncle.... And its for all my grandparents and uncle that i lost too. This poem is dedicated to my whole family, friends who has lost loved ones and to everyone out there who has faced grief too. Okay here goes....

Life just comes and goes,
just like the wind when it blows,
never waiting, never pausing,
never an option of time rewinding

Loved ones are gone forever,
we are forced to let them go,
farewell and goodbye forever we bid,
behind stronger loved ones we hid

Forever they are gone,
forever they are lost,
never again to feel their touch,
never again to hear their voice

Empty and lost is what we feel,
their love and memories in our hearts we seal,
their courage and dignity to the world we reveal,
our pain and sorrow time will slowly heal

Now that they have moved on,
to a better place and beyond,
their presence in this very lifetime,
will forever live on ablaze in our hearts

Friday, September 5, 2008

Love, Live, Misery, Sweet Misery

Out of darkness and into light,

this is where my journey lies,

i feel afraid, i feel alone,

wishing i could just go home.

I felt a push, and then a jerk,

'Can you hear me? Can you hear me',

Everything is going berserk

i see people, i hear voices,

a flash of light, and then blank,

am i dead? i start to wonder

what is life, i start to ponder,

is it misery, is it pain,

is it peace, or is it love.

i heard my name being called,

felt myself being jolted upright,

i feel pain and then i felt peace.

Drifting and drifting,

letting my weakness engulf me,

For a moment i experienced heaven,

only to learn that it's called love on earth,


the most precious gift ever made,


is full of love and sadness, combining to form,

the sweetest misery God ever created.