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Monday, October 1, 2007

Lovely tulips....

Last Saturday my friends and I went to the Tulip Festival. V took public transport there and at Lilydale train station there was a special bus that takes us directly to the entrance of the tulip festival place. The entrance fee plus the chartered bus ride was not all that expensive. It was 11 dollars for groups of more then ten people. And ten of us went so yay....
It rained a bit in the morning but then later on the weather was awesome. We even went there for a picnic hehe.... We bought bread, tuna, egg mayo, chips, snacks, juices etc. etc. On the way there we were jokingly saying: Imagine we went to the entrance of the tulip festival and they ban us from bringing food and drinks inside. If that were to really happen we will just roll on the ground and laugh like maniacs. The tulip festival thingy will be on for a few weeks and we choose to go to the last saturdays one as the theme on that day was jazz, food and wine. There was jazz performance, and loads of food and we even got to do wine tasting. It was awesome hahaha..... V can try food as well and we ended up buying crackers and dips hehehe.. it was nice. So we spent the whole day taking pics, staring in amazement at the tulips, eating, drinking and playing hehe... We sat on a table and played the game called Mafia hahahah.... I hope u noe wat da game is about... There are two mafias, one doctor, one spy and the rest are civilians and of course a moderator. The game goes like this, mafias aim is to kill as many civilians as possible and off course to kill the spy. The spy has to spy on the mafia so that the civilians can vote the mafia out. Doctor on the other hand has to be able to save the correct person or the spy.

The game is played by everyone except the moderator closing their eyes. So it was so weird to close eyes for so long in public. In addition to that, my frens were fighting over who was the mafia and who wasn't so they made quite a scene there.... GAWD
Ok its confusing to explain it here... Anywayz, here are the pictures i took

Above r the pics of the colourful tulips hehe.. Some colours r so so exotic and nice like the dark purple and the dark red... When u see the tulips, all u wanna do is just lie there with the tulips hehe.. They just brighten yur day

Pictured of us with the flowers

OK... this is a wishing well.. And it actually tells wish makers how much money to throw into the well according to the wishes category... Weird isn't it? hahaha My fren made a wish and it sorta came true hahaha....V r still wondering if it is true... hmmm

GTG now ciaoz... Brenda