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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Belated Lorne skulling contest....

One of the finest moments at Lorne was when Julia and i were Schweppes/water 'DRUNK'.

It all started at a random fish and chip shop where four butts were squashed into one side of a tiny booth which was made for only two huge butts and perhaps three small butts at the most.

We walked quite a fair bit from the apartments to the shop and everyone came to the agreement to just squeeze and eat there while the chips were still hot and crispy. In the midst of all the fuss and arguments of how to be more comfortable on the small bench thingy, Julia randomly came up with the idea to order a scarily striking green drink.

This idea gave her many weird looks from all the adults as it does look a bit like toxic waste green.

Anyway i ended up sharing the drink with her as partly because 1) i was sitting next to her and 2) i didn't have a drink.

Amazingly the toxic waste looking drink lasted all the way back to the apartment and thats when the skulling contest begun. In case you were wondering how does the drink look like.....

BTW Julia just dug her nose and the boogie flew and she disgust me...

Back to the story, we were back at the apartment and Julia started pouring the drink into two glasses and she made me drink it all down in a gulp. (like skulling) It was a contest to see who can finish it first whilst in the background My Fair Lady was playing on TV. So one drink led to another and we got carried away and started skulling pure vodka.... and we were seriously seriously hungover (Julia's only 12 years old but she is hardcore). She is at the moment on the run for underage drinking. Trust me no dude can beat her in drinking contests.

Jokes.... twas water after all. It would have been awesome to have seen her drunk and hungover but knowing her she might have been laughing all through the drunk parts.

Anyway back to the point, our awesome trip to the beach was really cool coz we were like drunk and going into the water without any bathers and we were really cold but we still kept going back to face another wave and each time we braved ourselves and went deeper and deeper into the ocean. We got ourselves all wet and then it started to rain while we were in there but we still stood our ground.

Later that night after dinner while watching Rove, Julia started pouring water into glasses again and made me skull it down. Julia was very much excited about the whole skulling thing and we finished two jugs of water in like ten minutes. And the result....... we couldn't stop peeing...(how vulgar) But in the end it was all fun and no work.. oh wait pouring the drinks evenly was hard... Very hard for Julia as she gets tired by doing nothing. (BTW she is not a fatso and doesn't vegetate all day and night ok well only at night.)lol

What an amazing trip it is indeed. Sorry Bordis for not writing this sooner. and BTW u owe me a song.