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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Richmond Family Day


Today of all days was so bloody hot.. I mean seriously i was burnt.

I went to the Richmond Family Day today at Jells Park. It was a nice huge park with a lake and everything and heaps of big low shady trees.

Anyway i went there with my cousin to get autographs from the Richmond Footy members. So we arrived at about eleven-ish and we walked about, getting autographs and we would have taken pictures but guess what?? We didn't bring our cameras. JOY!!!

Then Laura got hungry and so we queued up for food. And the line was unbelievably long. It was so long that we waited in line under the scorching sun for an hour. The line was barely even moving. We were so burnt and hot to the point where we felt like puking. One food stall, three or four long lines and still the line was so bloody damn long.

After an hour of torture and waiting under the sun, we finally bought our food and we went to sit under a nice shady tree. It was lovely. It was shady and there was a mild wind. It was fantastic and kinda peaceful too actually.

Oh well, that was basically my day.. On the way back we bought nasi lemak. It's plain nasi lemak which costs 5 dollars per pack. There is no chicken or anything just egg, heaps of anchovies and peanuts and off course sambal and rice. You could easily have gotten that for what 50 cents in Malaysia.

Anyway, hmmm i need my muse to give me some inspiration to write...


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