McFly performing lies... at the olympic handover

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brothers and Sisters

Packed with family drama, secrets, a great cast and an awesome plot about an average family who loves each other more than anything, brothers and sisters is an extraordinary series depicting the mysteries of life that everyone faces.

Full of passion and intrigue, brothers and sisters takes viewers through the lives of The Walkers. Life is not always sunny and cheerful in the Walker family. Sure they face fights, tragedies, lies and other human sins, but they always manage to overcome it as a family.

Loosing papa Walker and learning that he had a mistress and another child out there is not enough to bring the whole Walker family crumbling down. Instead, they stood by each other to face the bitter sweet taste of their fathers betrayal as well as death.

Afraid of loosing Justin in Iraq drove Nora into insanity, but then came Rebecca (who was supposedly papa Walkers secret love child) into the picture to help Nora get through every single day.

Another Walker who had to deal with loosing a loved one was Sarah. After learning that her husband kissed Rebecca, her whole world turned upside down. First her husband files for a divorce, and seeing how that was not excruciating enough, her husband Joe filed for full custody for their children - Paige and Cooper. Driving Sarah to the edge of despair, Ojai foods (which is a family business left to her from her late father) face bankruptcy owning the bank 20 million dollars.

Not forgetting Tommy who lost his twin son at birth and only able to save his other daughter Elizabeth. As if that's not enough pain, his wife Julia takes off with his daughter to stay at her parents house.

Not all is tragedies and despair in the Walker family though. Kitty and Kevin tied the knot in the midst of it all. Kitty giving herself to Robert and Kevin taking a brave stand by marrying Scotty.

It's never a dull moment in the Walker family dinners or parties as something new always brews in the Walker pot. The pot doesn't always stirs up good news but no matter how excruciatingly bad it is, noone can handle it better than the Walkers can. Like they say, in this family there are no secrets. And i think it is a good thing as everything gets out in the open and everyone is honest with each other. With the truth out there, at least there is a chance to fix it before it's too late. And what better way to fix it with your family by your side.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rule The World

This is just some random store in Australia... Was at DFO and i saw it... MATI=DIE in Malay... anyway just found it funny and amusing....

OK... ignore the title... i was lost for words to form a title so i just wrote the title of the song i'm listening to now... LOL.... Anyway how fast time flies huh???? In a blink of an eye, half a year has came and gone..

Was looking at photos from the past and all the memories came flooding back to me.. the sad times, fun times, emotional outbreaks..... all making me miss the people that i love more...

Ok picture above was taken beginning of this year in Malaysia. As seen in the pic, traffic policeman, a random man, and bottled water scattered on the road...

My sis was driving me in the car when i took this pic and we were positioned at the traffic light which was beaming red on our side and on the other, off course its green. What you don't see is that the cars were driving recklessly as they were trying to avoid the bottles and the man, some even driving pretty fast and the random man was walking up and down retrieving the bottled water from the road onto the curb. His motorcycle on the other hand was lying on the ground.

Obviously he had an accident and NO ONE, not even ONE person stopped to help him. What's worse was the policeman.... didn't even help or stop traffic. NADA... He just stood there like a statue overlooking the commotion going on. GOSH... cars may just skid off the road or the man might just get knocked over....

My sis was like quick take a pic im gonna complain.... LOL and so i took it...

Anywayz, sorry for this small picture... I've no idea how to enlarge it.. But oh well i just wanted to point out the photo frame in the house (photo = piglet)..... My sis took my niece to a meet and greet session with pooh and friends in KL.... And you know what, piglet's presence was very much missed by kids..... Only Eor, Tigger and Pooh came... No Piglet.. Just a photo frame as a replacement... LOL... oh this may sound racist and mean but if u live in Malaysia, you guys will know what i mean.. piglet not there coz its a PIG..... happened twice alrd BTW..... Last year and this year..

anyhow i gotta run now.. toodles..

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Exam's Mania

*SCREAMSSSSS* exams are driving me NUTS.....

Why oh why!!!! i think i'm turning into a sponge.... haha... too much information to be embedded into my brain... One paper down n three more to go.. Can't wait till the 20th of June... FREEDOM!!!! OK authors names from my first paper are like engraved into my brain now and i think it will stay there for life.. SHESH....

Anyway smtg funny happened in the library the other day... I was studying at the library with sereen and then i spot smtg which looked like a small piece of paper with written stuff on it and toilet paper by her leg....

'Sereen did you drop something? it's by your leg.' me

(looks down with frown on her face) 'NO. It's not mine' sereen

ok so v just left it at that.... i din really bother with it anymore... then suddenly out of the blue sereen called me so i looked at her and was shocked at what she was holding..... She was holding a picture of a girl....... And the pic looked like some horror movie pic and i was like 'where did u get that... looks so scary...'

Then sereen laughed n said it is the thingy under the table just now...

Ok thats not all... the writing on the back was 'to my beloved' then below it then below it 'happy birthday''love *name*' Gosh it was a love sorta thingy...

Then sereen made up a story bout the relationship ending hence the picture being thrown there and hence the toilet paper (from crying). Gosh v laughed like maniacs... then there was like some sticky black tape at the back of the picture and sereen stuck it to the table behind us. It was so scary.. was like some horror picture...

After a moment... my friend Marc who was also studying in the library came to me to ask me a question and suddenly when he was about to go back to his place he was like 'what the hell is that'

And at that time i din realise he was referring to the photo and he actually ripped it off n threw it on the floor... And actually he did us a big favour... The owner of the photo was actually the guy sitting in front of sereen... OMG funny shitless..... He was looking for is... searching for it frantically... then he suddenly came to me and asked if i seen 'a photo of a girl' and i was like 'erm is it that one?' and i pointed to the photo on the floor... and he was like 'yes, yes yes... oh thanks so much...'

GOSH!!!! imagine if Marc din rip it off the table... it would have been so so embarrassing and bad... And that time sereen went down to photocopy smtg and i was alone there.. So it would have turned out really bad if the picture was stuck on the table.... HAHAHAHA

Anyway back to studying now.. TTFN....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Would you just McF*** rite now u little McShit or would u prefer McMediocre??

McFly amazingly cooked with Gordon Ramsey... Amazing huh... Well it's sorta like a cooking game show thingy in London. Well not really game, but celebrities are invited to cook with Ramsey for a restaurant full of people and then at the end of the day the diners will decide if they want to pay for the meal cooked by the celebrities or not.

And this week McFly was the third special guest or should i say "chef"?

They had to cook a three course fine dining meal
  • Seared Beef Salad
  • Herb Crusted Brill with Minted Jersey Royals
  • Soufflé Pancake with Rhubarb Compote

They didn't do really well compared to other celebrities though, as sad a news as it is, but oh well they did give it their best shot and they had fun There are 50 customers and the total score based on each dish was 115/150..... Harry had a really rough time as he kept being shouted at by Gordon Ramsey.

WHY??? First he steals the food they cooked and eats it, then it lost control of things and he just got too much to handle. Dougie on the other hand kept sweating and Ramsey asked him 'Do you sweat like this all the time even when you are performing?' I think Ramsey is afraid of getting sweat into the food... Danny on the hand with his ever so contagious laughter was on a roll flipping the pancakes 360 degrees. Tom, hmm Tom's just great.... He was asked to serve the only customer who won't pay for their appetizer. The score for the first dish was 49/50....

Wondering about the title? Well, Ramsey called McFly McShit because of they didn't do too well. But then when he got the scores back he changed his mind and called them McMediocre and at the end of the show he told them to McF*** outta there... LOL...

Yesterday when i was on the phone with my cuzzie Roxy, we were fooling around and came up with the phrase for irritating people on the phone. I think the title speaks for itself rite now.