McFly performing lies... at the olympic handover

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Night out with da gals...

Well hello again... hello to you, to you and to you!!!! lol.

Had been absolutely busy what with exams and stuff... But how can there only be all work and no play? That would make this world a sad sad one ain't it?

Had Japanese dinner with my gal frens to celebrate Wee Fong's sister's birthday at Shoya.

The food was unique and nice but it is quite a rip off i would say. The portion is so tiny and it is supposed to be a main course. Hell it looks like an entree and there is no denying that the price is well... the presentation and place says it all... hehe....
Anyhow, it was a fun night with the gals and off course not to miss out... photos... heaps and heaps of them....

Ok... that's all i've got for now... so yeah.. the picture says it all!!!! BTW Gromit is awesome and Elmo is cute...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

oooogly woman

OH man i just hate libraries.... Ok i don't hate libraries but i hate annoying irritating people there who has got no sense of tolerance.... spoilt brats...

There's this woman sitting at the back of me who is so annoying....

She got on my nerves.. well she didn't make me piss but she definitely got on the top of my number 1 grudge list....

Sereen just asked me for the time coz her mobile time auto changed to suit the daylight saving - (one hour faster which is wrong). I told her the time n she told me that she accidentally changed the clock in the house as well and trust me we were whispering....

And then this gal suddenly pops her annoying huge head up n said 'can you hush down'

WTF man.... go get yurself some earplugs or smtg.... we were not even really talking loudly.. geez...

I mean if we were making a huge commotion then off course i will apologize but she just pissed me off... she didn't even say it nicely... she gave me a bitchy stare and she looks irritatingly annoying as well.... Like we have been talking non-stop...

Right now im just so tempted to plug out my headphones and play music out loud or talk on the phone.. just to iritate her HAHA...

Ok back to studying hehe... just needed to rant and since i can't 'talk' thanks to the library monitor behind me i shall just blog out my frustrations.

What's wrong with her.. geez..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Croation Rhapsody

I realized that my blog has been abandoned for quite some time now. My bad... i'm sorry.

I miss my piano... sob sob sob sob and i miss people back home too...

Playing on the keyboard is never the same as the piano and what's worse, there are so limited keys on the piano that some notes aren't even there and i can't play some songs. I get to play it halfway and then i have to stop because the keyboard stops there.

Anyway now i'm addicted to nailing down Croatian Rhapsody. On second thought, a grand piano would be awesome to play it on. It would sound so incredibly awesome on it.

Maksim's new album is out... YAY... love is in the air... plus Pay Chee helped me get McFly's latest deluxe album too how awesome is that?? Oh i feel so loved hehe.. Thanks a ton Pay Chee.

New Year's resolution: save money and get a grand piano no matter how long it takes. (Probably forever) Another resolution is to play all my favorite Maksim songs including Flight of the Bumble Bee. (sounds impossible? well i'm determined! >.<)

I know it is not New Years yet, but a girl can wish can't she?

Ciaoz, XOXO

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mr Dooooooogie Poynter

Was reading the blog and i stumbled on Dougie's post.

First reaction = stun, second = utter shock, third = ROFL

Dougie has such an amazingly stupid, humorous and at the same time innocent personality that just makes people laugh. Ok i couldn't help grinning at the post he posted. I'm gonna paste it here.

On The Blog
Current mood: sore

Well, Well, Well

Some fine words from the crappy bass player are in need.

Thanks for all your feed back on the new song we are very happy you guys like it but believe me it gets better!!! If you like One For The Radio the new albums gonna blow off your heads! Cant wait for you guys to hear it.

We had some artwork back from the artist who's doing some stuff for the album and there is only one word to describe it.... BITCHIN!!! Picasso would crap his pants if he saw it.

A word of warning, do not fall asleep in front of a fan blowing in your mouth all night, it gave me a cold. I feel like the crusty bits on the outside of a cats bum.

Got to run guys, just heard the ice cream man!

Take care, stay in school and remember your green cross code


Ok fine most of you may not find it funny but once u get sucked into the McFly world and you know Dougie's personality you will find this amusing coz its Doug typing it out. He is just a guy with a brain full of weird thoughts. Second blog after this is,

Dog Blog
Current mood: bitchy

Hell O People!

One For The Radio video is at last out and about! We had a great time shooting the video in Canada with the director Steve Jocz (drummer from Sum 41) and enjoyed a very geeky sight seeing couple of days to that massive water feature you guys have there....

Not long now til Radio:ACTIVE is given away and One For The Radio comes out and you can see how stupidly sunburnt we get and how much we suck at surfing in general.

Thanks a lot guys

Dougie... not Doooogie

Bye bye

P.S what did i tell you about the artwork ay?........... BITCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In conclusion, McFly just cracks me up everyday... Especially on a gloomy day....

Cheers Mate...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Trip down Kengsinton Lane

Wat a day to be train riding down Kengsinton lane... Hmm oh wait a minute or should it be Kensington track????

A group of my frens and i spent one fine Sunday morning to hitch down to Camberwell market which obviously is in Camberwell.

Before i got there i was half expecting a huge market where it will be indoors selling vintage stuff and heaps of other cool stuff with people snatching and bargaining and stuff. Little did i realize that my imagination is not perceived to be what i expected. When i got to the entrance of the market i was looking far ahead for a big building and heaps of stalls all spread out with awesome stuff.

Instead, i walked on and suddenly i saw a mat on the ground to my right piled up with antique decorative pieces and ornaments. It then struck me suddenly that i am actually already at the market and my friends were already walking towards the first clothing stall they saw.

I then realize that this market is actually a second-hand market selling stuff branded 'one man's rubbish is another man's treasure'.

Coolioz... anyway it was an awesome place to get really cool and vintage stuff which is obviously cheaper compared to retail places as its second hand. But who cares, it's in good condition.

After all the excitement at Camberwell we headed back to the city to catch the train back to Clayton. The train scheduled to arrive Melbourne Central to depart to Pakenham is due in 4 minutes. All is cool, Sereen and i waited and when the train came we hopped on just like everyone else.

As usual we were chatting away ignoring everything around us when all of a sudden we heard the announcement on the train saying 'the next station is Kengsinton'

BTW, Kengsinton is not on the list of stops on the Pakenham line. At first i ignored it thinking it might just be one of the faulty train thingy. All of a sudden, we really did arrive at Kengsinton and Sereen and i scrambled out of the train wondering where the heck were we. Gosh we were laughing our ass off.

We took a train back to the city, and while waiting met a few other people who got on the train thinking it was a Pakenham train too. What the heck... We just wasted like almost an hour of our day just there by boarding the wrong train.

But all in all Camberwell market is awesome... hehe


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Weekend Escape

A holiday weekend getaway down at Lorne...

Its just incredible... Just what i needed, a break. Lorne is such a relaxing place where you can just hang out, lay back and chill and at the same moment take long walks on the beach and catch up with your sports.

I stayed at an apartment called Cumberland which is just in front of the wide blue sandy beach... Sounds awesome yeah??

The best part is my aunt paid for a garden viewed apartment and we got the best one. With two views, the garden as well as the ocean...

Three days and two nights there were spent playing squash, tennis, ping pong, snooker, a dip in the spa and a trip down to Erskine Falls.

I reckon it's a field of canola flower... Its a whole stretch of pure yellow....

A whirlwind tour of the apartment.. Above is the ocean view from the apartment... Not too shabby yeah??

Water bottle in Lorne selling at 3.90 Aussie dollars.. Any takers???? What a Rip Off!!

Fancy a cuppa anyone?? Soft Brie cheese on crackers...

View of the apartment from the front

Ever wondered what the ocean bed looks like underwater??? Look bellow
When i was walking on the beach i saw these pot holes everywhere.... I reckon the place where i stood was was once underwater..

They didn't join the pie eating competition.... But Aussie's sure love their pies!!!

Some cool signs...

That's all from Lorne... Ciaoz