McFly performing lies... at the olympic handover

Sunday, February 15, 2009


YAY.... Tigers won Freemantle in the NAB cup match... Awesome...

The scores were really close though.. Laura was practically crouching on the ground waiting for the final siren to go and Tigers winning. LOL

Anyway happy Valentines day to all that i absolutely lurve so dearly.... I feel so blessed to have so many loved ones by my side and in my mind and heart everyday.... Love is free so why not spread it around with sincerity more???

I've been feeling so weird lately.. not sure why... It's as if i fear the days to come because it is so unexpected and tough. A little assurance that what's to come would be alryte would be lovely.

hmm okok enough brooding... i feel depressed seeing myself depressed...

Happy thoughts.... MCFLY... i so need to see them.. It's not a want it's a NEED... *DESPERATION ATTACK*

OK totally random thoughts here... Anyway i gtg now... toodles..

Ciaoz... lurve bren

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