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Friday, March 27, 2009

In lurve with words

Soz buddies... Soz for not updating as promised and soz i just didn't have the inspiration to write..

Hmmm well life is as usual, day by day flashing right before our very eyes.....

Missing all my family and friends tremendously and gosh i so need to get a grip on things.

I've recently been driving around in Aussie land and the experience is definately something. It is so different compared to in Malaysia because well to state the obvious, THE EFFING TRAFFIC!!

I'm not in the mood to go into this long ramble about the traffic here and Malaysia now but i would like to tell you about this book i just read... It's awesome!! 'The Book Thief' by Maukus Zusak... The book has been out for a while now and i've been wanting to get my hands on it for god knows how long and finally i got it last Saturday...

If you haven't read it and you are looking for a good read go grab one from the store. It will be so worth your money and time... In my opinion i reckon the book was superbly well-written and he has a different style in his writings which i find very intriugingly interesting.. I just couldn't put the book down and when i read it i was just sucked in the book thief's world and i'm gonna read it over and over again for sure..

Apart from that, nothing intersting is going on other than classes and reading.. I have to read quite a few literature books for my course and i so gotta speed read to be able to finish all the books in time... GOSH.... i need a literature dictionary too.. So need to get my hands on one of those.. And i need to find a poetry book.. GOSH i can't find it.. Weird.. it is needed for my course and the bookshop is not even selling it.. How dumb is that???

Anyway, SHEN i miss you buddy.. You know what Sar ee said that day?? She asked me 'so you are not going to see Rox again before she leaves for UK?' And i was like 'no.' Gosh i never really thought about that fact till she said it out loud. I can't believe i will be missing your 21st bday and i can't believe i won't be waving you goodbye at the airport gates..GARN!!!

We should have had an early bday celebration for you and an early goodbye party kinda thingy man.. We should have done it when i was in Malaysia!!! So how long till i can see you again buddy??? Till then will things be different?? Mmmmm

Anyway i got to get back to my books now.. Daisy Miller is awaiting my return into her world.. Toodles..


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