McFly performing lies... at the olympic handover

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Have a safe flight back to Malaysia roxy and embrace the heat... hehe... will sure miss ya heaps knowing the fact that i won't be able to c you for quite some time already since you are going to UK and stuff. Anyway hope u had an awesome time here in Aussie....

Anywayz, footy is so awesome... everytime i watch a match i can feel my barbaric and hooligan side coming out man. Gosh its unbelievably awesome... U can just feel the rush screaming your lungs out watching the footy match. BTW its the Australian Football League AFL.... Richmond Tigers won three games in a row.. GO RICHMOND.... i watched two games at the staduim, which is the Rihmond Tigers vs. Essendon Bombers and the Richmond Tigers vs. Brisbane Lions.

Both games got me sitting at the edge of my seat and pulling my beanie as the score was so so close that for a moment there i thought we would have lost man.... The crowd was so awesome...

Tigers V Bombers

Thats where the match was played

Richmond Team

Richmond Flag

Score before the game

Go Richmond

The Score at Half-Time

Little Richmond kids playing during half-time

Footy Game Food.... Pies and chips...

Final Score at Full-Time

The Team Celebrating

My Ticket

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Road Trip part 2 - Mornington

Drink more... Save water.... good advice don't you reckon???

OK, sorry for the delayed update... Anyway this is part two of the road trip... This is to Mornington... We went to a few wineries and vineyards.... We even went to a spa... How awesome was that???? The weather was so so so cold and it was just the perfect time to go to the hot springs.... coolios....

Anyway here are some pictures from the road trip...

Nice scenery eh??

Real fireplace... With real firewood burning haha... and it smells nice...

Behind us are blowglass.... Sorry but we werent allowed to take pictures inside... so yeah.... but Roxanne managed to snag one pic and then she got told off by the lady...

This is the only picture Roxanne managed to snag....

Two hot chocolates, a box of hand made chocolates, a latte and a cappuccino

A Cherry Bomb and a Truffle

Top left - Almond cluster, Earl Grey Choc Bottom left - Hazelnut Praline, Irish Creme Heart

Chocolate testing

These are the types of chocolates available... V only bought 6 ..... all hand made though..

After the awesome Hot Springs Spa


Tada..... Thats our mornington trip....Although it was a long journey and v got lost once or twice... but all is good... Anywayz gotta go now.....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Road Trip part 1 - Ballarat

Roxanne arrived at Melbourne finally.... After so long... and yes we went shopping.... Sale sale and more sales everywhere.... SHOPAHOLICS..... Anyway i brought her for a two day road trip with me, sereen and two more friends.... We went to Ballarat and Mornington..... And guess what.... we even went roller blading with my cousins.... my butt, hand and legs hurt like hell now..... i keep freggin fall..... humph.... anyway here are some pics from the road trip.....

Random signs.....